Christmas time

This is a different post to my usual artsy ones but i couldn't resist. Last week i crawled into the roof space and collected all the different size boxes that holds all of our Christmas decorations for around the house. Its Milo's third Christmas with us so he knows the routine not to get too tangled up in everything! 
However, he is quite a nosy doggy and has to investigate everything you bring in from the lights to the tiny bits of glitter we have to put on our tree.  (we're very lucky he doesn't eat any of this)
I don't know why but absolutely love to untangle all of the decorations and set them out on to the floor before we place them on the tree. 
Maybe its because i forget about all of the cute and pretty things we have.
Milo of course took advantage of this and couldn't help himself get comfy while watching the family get organised with the bits and bobs. Looks like tiring work doesn't it.