Mini project

So I've slightly moved on from the usual Photoshop edits I usually do.....
And when I say slightly I mean slightly.
Explanation is that I wanted to use methods of Photoshop because I enjoy it so much bit also needed to include methods of materials such as paint.
This made me think how could I really cheat through this ( I did ask and apperently I wasn't really) but anyways I layered up different photos I have taken along the pier and beaches locally and in Photoshop.

I then printed the final Photoshop with great difficulty because the printer is on the top floor of a 4 floor building and I've broken my foot so I'm in plaster and on crutches!!!. ...

After a lot of heart palpatations with getting up there and finding the paper I needed I managed to get the printing finished. 😆

Once it was all printed I could then get started on the mixed media aspect, it sounds all exciting but essentially I just poured on ink to the images so I wasn't able to control the marks that were made.

This is one of my favourite ways to work because nothing is controlled and the marks that are made could not be made in the same way if they were controlled.
It's also am extremely easy and quick way to work if deadlines are creeping up but an impression still need to be made.