Natural light photography

Natural light photography

So last week in class we went on our usual trips around the area with our cameras to take pictures of whatever we need to put towards the project we are currently doing....
Mine this week was to show the different aspects of light and how you can use it to your advantage, whether that's using the shadows made to hide an area or the light to expose and capture the eye.

I've chosen three of my best, all of which have no filters or any photo manipulation, just my camera and the local park.

With these two images, I used a Canon eds 550 and a 18-55mm lens and kinda just messed around in manually focusing parts so the others that aren't focused blur and I get this effect- known as depth of field.
Of course you've got all the other stuff that goes with it like the ISO ect but ill not go into that I'm still a beginner!!!!

A happy good day to you :)